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We help you earn miles & points so you can travel more & spend less. Whether your destination is Bali, Amsterdam, or Disneyland, we help you reach your travel goals through the power of points and miles.

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Why Us?

A smarter way to travel


Let us help you achieve your travel goals with access to your very own team of travel experts. We provide personalized guidance on how to earn and maximize your credit card points, so you can travel the world without spending a dime.

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Who We Are?

We’re Kyle and Adam Enns, two brothers who have decided to make it our life’s goal to travel. 

We’ve spent years researching, earning, and booking credit card rewards to find the best way to optimize the point accumulation process.

To date, we’ve flown over 100,000 miles, visited over 20 different countries, and saved over $144,000, all through the power of smart credit card usage and rapid point accumulation.

Now we’re looking to spread our knowledge, and empower fellow Canadians with the financial freedom to travel anywhere in the world.

What Our Clients Say...

Why Choose Us?

Endless Destinations

When we dream of the perfect vacation, we see relaxing flights, great hotels, amazing food, and incredible sightseeing; the perfect recipe for making lifelong memories!

One Low Fee

For one low annual fee, all of our services and expertise are available to you for an entire year. We also have a monthly membership plan for those that prefer to pay monthly.

Personalized Plan

As a TPB member you will get your very own personalized plan tailored to your lifestyle, spending habits, risk tolerance, and financial situation in order to help you achieve your travel goals.

Common Questions

This is the most popular question we get so it’s important that we address it in detail. We’ve written a complete article on this topic that we suggest you read to really understand how credit cards affect your credit score. You can read all about how credit cards affect your credit score in Canada here.

The annual fees on credit cards in Canada range from $0 all the way up to $2,500.

Miles are usually the currency of airline loyalty programs while points are the currency of hotel loyalty programs.

This really depends on the vacation you want to take. If you just want to fly down to California in economy for a weekend then it doesn’t take long at all, maybe a couple months. If you want to fly with your significant other in First Class on a big trip then it might take up to a year. It all depends on what you want to do and how many people are traveling but generally we can get you enough points within a year for your desired vacation.

We’re not lying when we say that you can fly First Class or travel more than once per year with points. To see all of the trips we’ve taken with points and miles, visit our Travel Log.

We can promise you that this is 100% legit. There is no catch, gimmick, or anything like that. See our Travel Log to see where we’ve been with our points & miles.

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Get a one-on-one consultation where together we come up with a personalized plan to make sure you earn sufficient credit card points to achieve your travel goals

Booking Fee Discount Get a discount on your booking fees when you use our booking service. Discount applies to one trip per year and after that the discount is 10%.




Access to Members Only Facebook Group Get access to a members-only group where members can join the TPB Community and engage in discussion, sharing tips and tricks, and discussing ways to earn more points.
Annual Membership Discount Sign up for an annual membership and get a discount paying for your membership annually instead of monthly





Personalized Points Plan Get a personalized credit card plan based on your spending habits, risk tolerance, and overall financial situation
Points & Miles Account Management Beyond getting your personalized plan, we will personally manage your points and miles accounts, transfer points during promotions, make sure points are being posted correctly, and keep you updated on your accounts as often as you’d like.
Aeroplan Points Giveaway The first 10 people to sign up for a membership will be entered into a draw for free points.

($220 value)

10,000 miles
Only first 10 sign ups are eligible

($550 value)

25,000 miles
Only first 10 sign ups are eligible

Business Spending Analysis

We work with your business one-on-one to tailor a plan to your exact needs. No matter what you need, we will come up with an optimal spending strategy, credit card plan, and make sure that your business is both earning more points and SAVING MONEY.

We work with all types of businesses; there is no business out there that we won’t put in the maximum effort to help you earn more points and SAVE MONEY. If after all of our efforts have been made and we determine that we can’t help your business, we won’t charge you a penny, our services will be FREE.

If you’re interested in having us help your business SAVE MONEY, contact us by filling out the form below!

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$125+ 75

/ Each Additional Person

All research of flights All research of flights requested based on customer specifications (dates, locations, layovers, etc)
Trip itinerary A comprehensive and easy-to-read trip itinerary
Call to book the itinerary with you We will 3-way phone call to book the itinerary with you if needed
Advice on credit cards Advice on which credit cards to use to pay taxes & fees for insurance purposes

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