About Us

What exactly do you do?

By creating a personalized plan, we help our clients achieve their dream vacation for as little cash as possible by helping them earn credit card points to pay for their travel

Our story

We are Adam and Kyle Enns; two brothers who love to travel but don’t love to spending money on travel. Instead, we have found some great ways to utilize our regular spending to maximize the amount of credit card points we earn and use those points to pay for our travel.

Collectively, we’ve flown over 100,000 miles to visit over 20 different countries all using points and miles generating from credit card spending

In the past year, collectively, we would have spent over $144,000 on flight and hotels if we had paid cash, instead it was all almost FREE using our points and miles.

Kyle- As my day job I’m a RMT (Registered Massage Therapist) but I really love helping others achieve their travel dreams. Personally, I’ve traveled to 11 different countries and have flown almost 100,000 miles in my lifetime. I love using my points and miles to experience flying in a way that I never would be able to if paying with dollars. I have flown First Class on some of the world’s top airlines and business class on some of the best products in the world. Last year I took my family to Europe all in business class on a trip that would have cost us tens of thousands of dollars. Instead, it only cost us a few hundred dollars in taxes and fees. I have a beautiful wife Samantha, and 3 boys – Nixon, Vanek, and Zaden who have all taken their first flight before they were 1. As a family, we try to take one trip per year that is always paid for with our points and miles.

Adam- It was in 2018 that I had finally achieved a lifelong goal of mine, and that was to fly FIRST CLASS. I had never dreamed that I’d be able to accomplish this goal, but when I realized I had enough points to do so I couldn’t resist after completing a three month adventure in Southeast Asia. And ever since that trip I have been hooked on accumulating points to allow myself to never travel in economy again. After that trip I acquired a job with BC Hydro where I now currently work up near Revelstoke, and with my lengthy commute from Vancouver, BC, there’s plenty of points to collect along the way. I have travelled to 10 different countries throughout my life with hopes of hitting 20 different countries by the time I’m 30. It may seem like a far-fetched idea but I promise you it’s not. Let us help you achieve your travel goals just like I’ve achieved some of mine.

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