Giving Back

As much as we love to travel, we know that it is a luxury and we are so fortunate to get able to travel as much and as well as we do. Many people in our own communities do not have that luxury, but we want to make a difference in the lives of those people. We at The Points Brothers believe it is important to give back, especially within your own community, which is why each Christmas, we will give one lucky person/couple/family a vacation that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford.

With the revenues and points earned from all memberships, we at The Points Brothers will pay for a vacation for someone that you nominate. The vacation will be personalized for the individual(s) and 100% paid for by us including everything from transportation to food to activities and any other incurred costs.

The winner will be someone that you nominate. You know those in your own community better than we do; that’s why we want you to share the stories of those that you think most deserve a vacation but aren’t able to afford one themselves. We will read every single submission that is made and decide on a winner each December.

Submissions can be sent to with ‘Giving Back Submission’ in the subject line.