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What Exactly Do We Do?

We wanted to write this post because we think it’s best if we explain exactly how we can help you and why becoming a Points Brothers member is can be totally worth it for you.

First off, like we said in the email course, the biggest value in becoming a member is having, for lack of a better term, not trying to humblebrag here, experts that you can access whenever you need them. People who have been exactly where you are and know how to help you avoid mistakes and maximize gains. Trust us, along the way there are going to be questions and confusion and frustration. We’ve been there and done that and having no help sucked.

We liken this hobby to the stock market. There’s nothing stopping you from learning and investing in the stock market on your own, but you’d likely rather pay a small fee to a financial advisor or other expert and let them do it for/help you, right?

The same logic applies here. We charge a small fee, $97 ($77 if you use the code from our ‘Crash Course to Luxury’ email course) to be your expert in the award travel, churning, and travel hacking (hate that term by the way) hobbies.

That works out to only $0.42 cents per day! That’s pretty affordable isn’t it?

Before we get into exactly what being a member looks like, here’s a quick recap of what you actually get for becoming a Points Brothers member:

  • 20% off your first 6 months of membership (if you use the code from the email course)
  • a 1 in 10 shot at 25,000 Aeroplan points – worth over $500! (Dang good odds, friends) 
  • a one-on-one consultation with us 
  • a personal Points Plan, tailored to fit your exact needs and goals
  • 6 months of support whenever/whatever you need through your entire journey from us personally
  • and access to our secret Facebook group.

What Happens Once I Sign Up?

Once you jump in to a Points Brothers membership, three things happen. We will break each one down into the details below.

First, you gain immediate access to our secret Facebook group that is only for the members.

Second, you get a quick questionnaire from us.

Third, you schedule your one-on-one consultation with us.

The Points Brothers Members Area

The Points Brothers Members Area is our secret Facebook group that is only for, you guessed it, members. Once you become a member you get access to our group full of other members. These members are all at different stages of their journey and it’s a great place to meet others, ask questions, learn from one another and engage with us.

This is where all of the top secrets in the game will be shared by us. We save our most valuable information and top secret for our members. We want to help our members squeeze as much value out of their points and miles and possible and earn as many of them as they can in the shortest amount of time.

Remember in the email course when we talked about tricks like manufactured spending and how those methods aren’t talked about openly? 😉

We will always provide tips and tricks here on the blog and in our email newsletters (sign up here if you’re not on it yet) but the best tips and tricks will always be shared in the Members Area.

The Points Brothers Member Questionnaire

Once you become a member you will get a questionnaire from us. This questionnaire allows us to really get to know you, your travel goals, your spending habits, and other important information. All of this information is collected, kept secure and private of course, and used only by us to come up with a Points Plan for you.

This is where we get to learn about why you want to earn points and miles. Are you going on a honeymoon soon? Are you wanting to take a retirement trip? Are you wanting a luxury vacation to the Maldives?

We also want to know things like what credit card are you currently using, what points and miles do you currently have, and what kinds of points or miles do you want to earn?

Getting to know you as much as we can through this questionnaire is hugely important to us in creating the best possible Points Plan for you to achieve whatever goal it is that you have.

Your One-on-One Consultation

This is where we finally get to meet you and see your pretty face! If you’re local to the Lower Mainland in BC where we are then we will meet you in person, otherwise we will meet you via Zoom or another video chat service.

Before we meet we will have come up with a Points Plan for you based on the responses you gave in the questionnaire. Once we meet with, we will talk about the questionnaire, confirm information, ask questions, and present you with and discuss your Points Plan.

This is all about you. These are your points, your miles, your dreams, your trips. The Points Plan is 100% flexible. If we propose a plan that you don’t like, we will revise it and present you with one that is to your specifications until we come up with something that is exactly what you want and we will do it together. We want to work with you through the entire process and we’re not gonna stop until you’re completely satisfied.

What Exactly Is A Points Plan?

This is a great question. We talk a lot about your ‘Points Plan’ but what does that even mean?

Honestly, it’s a term we made up. But what it is is a step by step guide that will guarantee that you have enough points or miles at the end of it to achieve whatever goal it is that you had.

Let’s do an example. Let’s say you just got engaged and are getting married the following year. Your dream is to fly Business Class all the way to the Maldives and stay in an overwater bungalow.

Great, now we know exactly what your goal is. We would have known this before presenting you with your Points Plan because this would have been indicated to us in the questionnaire you filled out.

At this point, we get to work on your Points Plan and make sure that you have enough points to cover the flights and hotels for your honeymoon. So, we would set out a plan for you that would be:

Month 1: Sign up for credit card A. Here are all the details of this card….

Month 2: Your points balance should be xx,xxx. Refer partner to sign up for credit card A. Here is how to do that….

Month 3: Sign up for credit card B. Here are the details of that card…

Month 4: Cancel card A. Refer partner to credit card B.

This is just a silly example but it gives you an idea of what exactly a Points Plan is. It’s a step-by-step plan for that lays out exactly which credit card to get, when to get it, when to cancel it, when to refer someone to it, etc.

All of this is tailored to your exact desires and circumstances based on your replies to the questionnaire and then tweaked to perfection based on our conversation during our consultation(s).

The Points Plan is your guide to achieve your goals. It is completely flexible and should anything ever change, we will tweak the plan to fit the new situation.

How Much Help Do We Provide?

We are here to help you achieve your goals no matter what it takes. This is, in our opinion, the most valuable part of being a Points Brothers member like we mentioned earlier.

While others charge by the hour for their time, we don’t. We charge one flat fee up front and you get as much of our time as you need. If you need to call us or email us every day, we will reply to you every day. If you need us once a month, we will be there for you once a month. If you need us a lot at the beginning then less near the end once you’ve gotten the hang of it, then we’re there for you a lot in the beginning and less at the end. This is all about YOU and we are here to help as much or as little as you need us and in whatever way we can.

We are your mentor, friend, guide, expert, helper, whatever you want to call us. We’re that for you.

We promise to do whatever it takes to help you achieve those wild travel dreams you have! And we won’t stop until you reach them!

Hopefully, this explains a little bit more about how we’ help our members and answers any questions you may have had. If you still have a question though, email us at or message us on Instagram.

See you on the inside!

If you’re ready to sign up for your Points Brothers membership, click here!